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The definition of word "node":
rate 1. A node is any device such as a PC that is connected to a Network
rate 2. Synonymous with logical node.
rate 3. radio A remotely controlled TNC/digipeater - used as a connect point in packet radio.
rate 4. anagram done
rate 5. knot, bulge; mass of tissue; swelling; complication; joint or point on a stem from which a leaf grows; point that receives and transmits transmission signals from different directions (Internet)
rate 6. in astronomy, the intersection of the orbit plane of some celestial body, such as the Moon, a planet or comet, with the plane of the ecliptic (the apparent path of the Sun among the stars) as projected on the celestial sphere. The ascending node is the one where the body crosses from the south to the north side of the ecliptic, the opposite one being the descending node. An eclipse of the Sun or Moon can occur only when the Moon is at or near a node; similarly, only when one of the inner planets is at or near a node can it appear in transit across the Sun.
rate 7. L U M P (n) (specialized) a lump or swelling on or in a living objecta lymph node
rate 8. Literally a knot, a node is a collection of tissue. For example a lymph node, is a collection of lymphoid tissue.
rate 9. A point in an optical network where optical signals can be processed and switched among various links.
rate 10. A point, region, or surface where the amplitude of a standing wave is zero. The probability of finding an electron at an orbital node is zero.
rate 11. Point of connection and conversion between fibre optic and coaxial cable.
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