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A definição da palavra "heavy":
rate 1. difficult to lift; having a great weight; very large, massive; grave, serious; deep, profound
rate 2. heavily; with weight; oppressively; slowly, ponderously
rate 3. villainous character, antagonist (Theater); influential person (Slang)
rate 4. heavy spar
rate 5. heavy hydrogen
rate 6. heavy metal
rate 7. heavy water;
rate 8. W E I G H I N G A L O T (adj) -ier, -iest - weighing a lot; needing effort to move or lift The piano's much too heavy for one person to lift. How heavy is that box (= How much does it weigh) ? I don't want to do any heavy work/heavy lifting and carrying. The old car had rather heavy (= difficult to move/turn) steering. (figurative) Her eyes were heavy with tiredness. (literary) If you are heavy-hearted, have a heavy heart or your heart is heavy, you are unhappy. With a heavy heart, she turned to wave goodbye. (specialized) A heavy metal is a dense and usually poisonous metal, such as lead. Heavy metal is a style of rock music with a strong beat, played very loudly using electrical instruments. (specialized) Heavy water is water that contains much more than the usual amount of deuterium (= type of hydrogen) .
rate 9. Used in the context of general equities. Presently dominated by sellers, or over-supply, in the market or security resulting in falling prices.
rate 10. very serious, not fun. Usage example: War is a heavy topic because it involves death and destruction.
rate 11. very serious, not fun; War is a heavy topic because it involves death and destruction.
rate 12. A music track or sound with good low-frequency response below 50 Hz. It suggests an object of great mass or power, such as a jet or thunder.
rate 13. serious; intense: "The relationship was getting a bit heavy for my liking"; "It was a really heavy scene"
rate 14. violent: "No need to get heavy with him"
rate 15. person who is eminent and influential in the sphere of their activities, as an important business person, etc.
rate 16. person of some status who unpleasantly exercises their authority or seeks to intimidate
rate 17. man who attempts to intimidate a woman into sexual submission
rate 18. criminal employed by another to do the dirty work; stand-over man; goon
rate 19. detective
rate 20. confront; put pressure on
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